Tarkan Paphiti

“I have trained in a variety of martial arts growing up and I can honestly say that I had never met an instructor with such a broad and deep understanding as Sensei Barry Harte. Not only does he have an impressively large amount of personal experience, he is an incredible instructor with an eye for integrity and detail within performing techniques which he effortlessly and generously passes on to his students.

Under Sensei Barry Harte’s leadership the Hakudakan continues to go from strength to strength and advocates a no nonsense approach to street effective techniques. Testament to this is the amount of quality, humble and skilful martial artists that train at the Hakudakan from many walks of life.

The high standards in all areas of training, combined with a wide repertoire of techniques have personally given me abilities that I never would have believed I could achieve. Above all, Sensei Barry Harte is an inspiration as he leads from the front, teaching by principle.”