Shihan John Griffiths

“Shihan Barry Harte, like myself, has been training in Ju Jitsu since before the start of Mushinbudo Association and was one of the first to join the Mushin Budo Association at its inception.

From this start up to now he has progressed through the Dan Grades to his present level. I have always been open minded about the Senseis going out and learning other martial arts, so Barry started to train with Bob Breen of Jeet Kune Do (kickboxing, Kali-Eskrima and Filipino Boxing). It was no surprise that he eventually got into stick fighting competitions alongside still teaching Ju Jitsu. The skills that he learnt from his teachers were soon put to good use with him, his son and other members of his club going into competitions and winning medals.

He is no doubt one of the best teachers in our Association. Barry, like the rest of us, works for a living and teaches Martial arts for the love of it, that’s the best kind of teacher.”