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Soke Andy McGill

“My name is Soke Andy McGill I have achieved 16 Black-belts in different martial arts and currently hold a 10th Degree Black-Belt in Kenpo, Hapkido and Shaolin Gung Fu [honoree] I have had the honor to teach all over Europe over the last 40 years also in Sri Lanka and Las Vegas.

I have known Barry Harte, and trained with him, for a number of years, and seen him mature into a fine all round martial artist, he is a ‘master of all trades’ he has applied himself to, this is proved in competition results, and also the ‘standard’ of those he has taught in the past and present, who have gone on, to be teachers in their own right.

Barry has an ‘open mind’ and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the martial arts, but also applies himself to the latest trends in martial arts, and has a firm understanding of the application of street self-defence and the law that applies to minimum force in today’s society.

There are many schools that have good ‘fighters’ and other schools that have teachers with fantastic technical ability, very few schools have teachers that can give you both! As a teacher Barry is a ‘well rounded’ martial artist, he delivers both, in a friendly and progressive way that allows, the student to progress at their own speed, in a class, where the experienced martial artist and the raw beginner, will feel very welcome and more importantly excel.”