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Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

Shihan Alan Murphy

“I have known and trained with Barry for over 15 years in jujitsu.

I have rarely seen a striker as fast and as accurate, his weapons work is eye opening to see and eye watering to experience. A fully rounded martial artist with a strong stand up game utilising striking and throws , coupled with a powerful ground game he is an excellent instructor / motivator for the experienced martial artist as well as the beginner.

Barry has sought out excellent instructors through his martial arts journey both at home and abroad including Guru Bob Breen, John Griffiths and Andy McGill.
At any events I attend with him I will always seek him out to learn from his fantastic skills base, at any seminar his instruction is the “must attend session”.
Barry continues to push the envelope having started stick fighting at an older age he quickly qualified to represent the GB team. Barry and his students continue to represent the GB team and win events nationally and internationally.

Barry is an experienced professional martial artist who I fully endorse as an excellent instructor in all the arts he teaches. Every class he teaches is enjoyable as well as developmental he is definitely one of those instructors who has and does “WALK the WALK”. Barry is a gentleman on and off the mats, who’s sense of humour makes all his classes both enjoyable as well as educational.”