Sensei Barry Harte
6th Dan

From an early age, I had an interest in Martial Arts. I initially gained some experience in boxing at a local boys boxing club near my home. I also started training in Shotokan Karate at a class that was run at my school. My uncle ran a Boxing club in Ireland, and my three cousins were established boxers with many national titles. Every summer we would travel to Ireland on holiday, and I would train at the gym with them and spar. On one visit, my uncle gave me my own boxing kit and had arranged a boxing match for me at another boxing club, it was a great experience.

In 1983, I started training in Kyokushinkai Karate and Wado Ryu Karate in a dojo in Haringey, North London. It was a traditional environment with strict etiquette, hard training sessions and lots of sparring. I reached brown belt at the club. The club also competed all over the country in competitions. I fought in many tournaments all over the UK, winning some titles along the way.

While researching other arts, I became very impressed with the powerful joint locking, striking, throwing and groundwork of Ju Jitsu. So in Nov 1990 I began training in Ju Jitsu in Stoke Newington under Ju Jitsu International. In 1991, I moved to North West London. I achieved Black Belt in 1996 at Mill Hill Ju Jitsu Club. Two years later my Instructor moved to America and handed the dojo over to myself and a colleague. In May 2005, I decided to leave Mill Hill Ju Jitsu Club and teach under the banner of “Hakudakan Ju Jitsu Dojo”. I have also trained in Yoshinkan Aikido, Judo and boxing. I attended a number of close protection courses and control and restraint courses run by professionals in the UK.

I am a 6th Dan (Master level) in Ju Jitsu, which was awarded in March 2009 by John Griffiths Hanshi 8th Dan, Mushin Budo Association and Soke Andy McGill 10th Dan Kenpo.

I developed an interest in weaponry and in 2000 I started to research the Filipino Martial Arts. This led me to train with the inspirational Guro Bob Breen. Guro Breen is known as the “father of JKD and Filipino martial arts (Kali) in Europe”. Kali has an impressive knife and stick repertoire alongside an excellent empty hand based system called Panatukan, I could instantly see how well these systems would integrate into my training. I also trained for many years under Guro David Onuma as a private student on the Combined Fighting Systems curriculum.

In 2001, Guru Bob invited me to join B.I.G, Breen Instructor Group (previously called Jeet Kune Do-Kali International). I continue to train with Guro Bob and am a certified Associate Level 1 Instructor (Black Belt level) in Filipino Kali and Jeet Kune Do. In 2011, I was invited to attempt the infamous Breen Academy Black Belt grading. A grueling 4-5 hours of testing skills in Kickboxing, JKD, Jun Fan, trapping, Panatukan, Kali and lots of Thai Boxing and full contact sparring, which I passed.

At the age of 43, I decided I wanted to test my stick skills in a full contact environment. This led to me forming the Hakudakan Stick Fighting Team, which has had a massive success. We have won titles at National & International level. Please see our Stick Fighting page.

I have acted as an expert witness in court proceedings, interviewing through an interpreter and writing a technical report, providing independent expert Martial Arts advice.

Achievements to date:

  • 6th Dan Jujitsu Master (Mushin Budo)
  • Black Belt Jeet Kune Do & Kali (Breen Academy)
  • Associate Level 2 Instructor (Breen Instructor Group/ Kali International)
  • Laken Guro, Dirty Boxing (Warrior Arts Alliance/Daniel Sullivan)
  • ABAE Boxing Tutor
  • Gold (World Champion) minimal armour padded Stick, Hawaii 2016, GSBA World Championships (Full Contact Stick Fighting)
  • Multiple times Silver medallist, GSBA European Championships Spain 2013, UK 2014 (Full Contact Stick Fighting)
  • Multiple times GSBA British Champion (Full Contact Stick Fighting)

I continue to be a teacher & student enjoying everything the martial arts have to offer; the journey continues ………

Barry Harte