Hakudakan - Martial Arts

Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

Sensei Rick Bates
3rd Dan

I have always been interested in Martial Arts, seen all the films had the Bruce Lee posters as a kid etc, but never pursued it until I met Sensei Barry Harte in 2001. He was running a self-defence class where we both worked and I decided to go along. It was for one hour a week for six weeks. I loved every minute and felt I just wanted to learn more and more, so I went along to Sensei Barry’s adult class and was blown away. After the first class I said I have to learn this,

I was never a very natural Martial Artist and have had to work very hard, but the students and the Sensei’s are all very supportive. I achieved my red belt in 2003 which was my first belt, it was very tough and a real shock to the system but receiving the belt knowing you have been pushed to your limits and beyond meant so much. I remember someone saying to me after the grading it just gets harder and harder and years on I can honestly say they were 100% right.

Sensei Barry Harte also started teaching the ABAE Boxing Award program which I help on, this has not only improved the kids but has improved my hand and footwork immensely. On the 5th June 2011 I passed my 1st Dan Black Belt in Jujitsu which was an amazing feeling of achievement. It lasted three hours and was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but worth every minute of pain. I know my 1st Dan is just the beginning of a long path which I am looking forward to walking.

I passed my 3rd Dan in 2017, and I continue on the long path of constant learning and deeper understandings of techniques.

Over the years Sensei Barry Harte and I have become very good friends and there is nowhere else I would rather train than at the Hakudakan.