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Guro Damien Mills

“For a number of years now Barry Harte has been a valued member of the British Full Contact Stickfighting Team. He represents and coaches a high calibre stable of fighters from the Hakudakan Club, he and his fighters compete in both the Armoured and Low Armour Padded Stick events, winning medal after medal and are a credit to the team. Hakudakan is one of many fine clubs that makes the British G.S.B.A (Global Stick and Blade Alliance) team the number one ranked Stickfighting team in the World, I am proud to have people like Barry and the members of Hakudakan as my team mates.”

Shihan Alan Murphy

“I have known and trained with Barry for over 15 years in jujitsu.

I have rarely seen a striker as fast and as accurate, his weapons work is eye opening to see and eye watering to experience. A fully rounded martial artist with a strong stand up game utilising striking and throws , coupled with a powerful ground game he is an excellent instructor / motivator for the experienced martial artist as well as the beginner.

Barry has sought out excellent instructors through his martial arts journey both at home and abroad including Guru Bob Breen, John Griffiths and Andy McGill.
At any events I attend with him I will always seek him out to learn from his fantastic skills base, at any seminar his instruction is the “must attend session”.
Barry continues to push the envelope having started stick fighting at an older age he quickly qualified to represent the GB team. Barry and his students continue to represent the GB team and win events nationally and internationally.

Barry is an experienced professional martial artist who I fully endorse as an excellent instructor in all the arts he teaches. Every class he teaches is enjoyable as well as developmental he is definitely one of those instructors who has and does “WALK the WALK”. Barry is a gentleman on and off the mats, who’s sense of humour makes all his classes both enjoyable as well as educational.”

Guro John James

“Barry is a true martial artist in my estimation, not only is he an accomplished practitioner in his own right but he has the quality of being able to foster this in his students. It is rare to find both abilities in one person. He has a technical mind for martial arts with the practical application skills to make it work. If you haven’t trained with him you should!”

Shihan John Griffiths

“Shihan Barry Harte, like myself, has been training in Ju Jitsu since before the start of Mushinbudo Association and was one of the first to join the Mushin Budo Association at its inception.

From this start up to now he has progressed through the Dan Grades to his present level. I have always been open minded about the Senseis going out and learning other martial arts, so Barry started to train with Bob Breen of Jeet Kune Do (kickboxing, Kali-Eskrima and Filipino Boxing). It was no surprise that he eventually got into stick fighting competitions alongside still teaching Ju Jitsu. The skills that he learnt from his teachers were soon put to good use with him, his son and other members of his club going into competitions and winning medals.

He is no doubt one of the best teachers in our Association. Barry, like the rest of us, works for a living and teaches Martial arts for the love of it, that’s the best kind of teacher.”

Soke Andy McGill

“My name is Soke Andy McGill I have achieved 16 Black-belts in different martial arts and currently hold a 10th Degree Black-Belt in Kenpo, Hapkido and Shaolin Gung Fu [honoree] I have had the honor to teach all over Europe over the last 40 years also in Sri Lanka and Las Vegas.

I have known Barry Harte, and trained with him, for a number of years, and seen him mature into a fine all round martial artist, he is a ‘master of all trades’ he has applied himself to, this is proved in competition results, and also the ‘standard’ of those he has taught in the past and present, who have gone on, to be teachers in their own right.

Barry has an ‘open mind’ and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the martial arts, but also applies himself to the latest trends in martial arts, and has a firm understanding of the application of street self-defence and the law that applies to minimum force in today’s society.

There are many schools that have good ‘fighters’ and other schools that have teachers with fantastic technical ability, very few schools have teachers that can give you both! As a teacher Barry is a ‘well rounded’ martial artist, he delivers both, in a friendly and progressive way that allows, the student to progress at their own speed, in a class, where the experienced martial artist and the raw beginner, will feel very welcome and more importantly excel.”

Jay Inamdar

“Sensei Barry is without doubt one of the finest instructors I have ever come across. Having come to him as a black belt from Tae Kwon Do I was blown away by his depth of knowledge, his skills, teaching ability and humility. I had searched for the right club for many months and knew after one lesson this was the place for me. Great club atmosphere, students from all backgrounds including the armed forces and other martial arts, and a real practical and functional approach to all techniques – his knife defence is astounding and again very practical. If you want to be a truly rounded martial artist with skills that will change your life from day 1, look no further”


“I started class 6 months ago, I had absolutely no history of Martial arts or any sort of hand to hand combat. The welcoming atmosphere, quickly made me feel that I was part of the club. Although there is plenty of information to absorb, it is structured in bite size chunks that build up as your skill level increases. It honestly feels like you are having one on one coaching. Ego’s are left outside the door. I have never felt overwhelmed or intimated at the dojo. For me it’s about confidence, defence, self-awareness, learning to escape from situations, fitness and weight loss. I feel that Ju Jitsu is a skill, one of those skills that you hope you never need to use, but if you do need it, you’ll be glad you know it!”


“I started training at the club in October 2008, although it doesn’t seem that long ago! I don’t have a background in martial arts but I was immediately impressed by what I saw. The techniques that were demonstrated looked practical, straightforward and uncomplicated and I was immediately hooked, although to my disgust I quickly discovered I had no co-ordination and even less stamina….but everything in life has a learning curve, and training in Ju jitsu at the club has been a particularly worthwhile and enjoyable experience. I know it’s a cliché, but I’ve learnt a lot, and also learnt a lot about myself, through participating in training at the club.

The standard of instruction is excellent. Sensei Barry Harte and his Dan grades make it all look simple and easy which I believe is the benchmark of quality instruction, and size and strength isn’t important, it’s about technique. As they say, ‘the devil is in the detail’.

But don’t be fooled…you’ll sweat, and sometimes you’ll feel like collapsing, because the training is both mentally and physically challenging, but it’s also fascinating and very rewarding, and there’s always a very friendly atmosphere in the dojo.”

Tarkan Paphiti

“I have trained in a variety of martial arts growing up and I can honestly say that I had never met an instructor with such a broad and deep understanding as Sensei Barry Harte. Not only does he have an impressively large amount of personal experience, he is an incredible instructor with an eye for integrity and detail within performing techniques which he effortlessly and generously passes on to his students.

Under Sensei Barry Harte’s leadership the Hakudakan continues to go from strength to strength and advocates a no nonsense approach to street effective techniques. Testament to this is the amount of quality, humble and skilful martial artists that train at the Hakudakan from many walks of life.

The high standards in all areas of training, combined with a wide repertoire of techniques have personally given me abilities that I never would have believed I could achieve. Above all, Sensei Barry Harte is an inspiration as he leads from the front, teaching by principle.”

Paul Newman

I’ve been attending the class for a little over a year, there’s always something new to learn or refine what you’ve previously been shown.

Knowing a martial art system is a must skill set to have in this day and age (you could say unfortunately), because of the Hakudakan class, I have the confidence to not be that worried in any street situation. The Hakudakan class syllabus is layered in bite sized chunks, so the moves are easily absorbed. The higher level students have all been to other classes, but when they find this class, they stay, Sensei Barry always has something new to teach even them.

Highly recommended, great Martial arts club, great atmosphere, great value.

Spiroulla Neocleous

My son has been a student of the Hakudakan Martial Arts Club since he was eight years old. He is now sixteen and a Junior Black belt, and he has joined the adult class. Barry has been amazing from the start. He always gives 100% and is a credit to all his students. His attention to detail, his enthusiasm and skill is unsurpassed. He cares about his students and this is clear in his approach to teaching. I highly recommend this club.

Arti Inamdar

Amazing classes that are essential for women! Went with my husband and the techniques are so practical and useful for people of all sizes. Relies on technique, leverage and practical defence to save yourself from aggressors rather than trying to go toe to toe with someone much larger or stronger. Fight smarter not harder. Sensei Barry is also a wonderful person who has a real passion for the arts.

Sensei Rick Bates

If you want Quality, No Nonsense techniques then Hakudakan is the club to train at. Sensei Barry Harte is one of the most talented, humble martial artists I have ever met. Train with him and you will never look back.

Oliver Short

I have trained at this club and found it excellent in terms of improving not only my self defence skills, but also my fitness and cardio. If you are looking for somewhere to learn and enjoy yourself, this is absolutely the first place that I would recommend to anyone.

Edward F

As a new member of the club, I joined hoping that the people there would be friendly and that the teaching would be good. I can gladly say that it surpassed my expectations with great teaching and a real sense of community.

Joe Raphael

I’ve been attending this class for years now very dedicated and talented instructor, good for on the street self defence, it is a friendly good atmosphere and very welcoming.

Tolga Paphiti

Hakudakan is definitely one of the best Martial Arts clubs around. Sensei Barry Harte teaches a no nonsense street effective style of self defence that actually works.

Although primarily a Ju-Jitsu Club, a number of other styles of Martial arts are also taught, such as JKD, Kali and Panantukan (Dirty Boxing), where students are taught to utilise and defend against hand, Knife and stick attacks.

Everyone at the Club is very friendly, down to earth and approachable. Whether you are new to martial arts or are looking to take yourself to the next level I would thoroughly recommend you give Hakudakan a chance.

Lucas Short

This is one of the best clubs I’ve been to, practical no nonsense and cheap, highly reccommend!