About The Hakudakan

Sensei Barry Harte 5th Dan

“Hakudakan is not a style; it’s just the name I have chosen to use for the clubs that are authorised to teach my syllabus. The style of Ju Jitsu is based on Goshin Ryu JuJitsu, but because of my training, there are many other influences within the system. As well as Ju Jitsu I teach Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) & JKD (Jeet Kune Do). These arts have heavily influenced my approach to training and, therefore, there will be elements of these arts taught in all classes. I try to make it clear to students which techniques are from which arts.”

Chief Instructor Barry Harte

What does Hakudakan mean?

“Hakuda” was a term used to describe close quarter combat systems prior to the widespread use of term “Jujitsu”. ”Kan” translates to home or building. Hakudakan loosely translates to the home of close quarter combat.

What does Ju Jitsu translate to?

“Ju” translates to compliant or gentle referring to the soft redirection of force. “Jitsu” translates to “art” as in a combatative art rather than a sport or spiritual way. Martial arts with a sporting or spiritial emphasis are normally suffixed with “do” i.e Judo or Aikido.

Ju Jitsu translates to compliant or gentle art, this can be slightly misleading as Ju Jitsu is an incredibly powerful system.

Ju Jitsu

FMA - Kali

Stick Fighting

Jeet Kune Do

If you would like to know more about what is taught at the Hakudakan.

Why Train with us?

You will be taught effective and thoroughly practical self-defence techniques from various positions such as grabs to varying parts of the body, holds, punches, strangles, combinations of the above, control and restraint techniques and much much more. You will be shown how good technique will enable you to perform the desired response regardless of your size, strength or sex. When encountering a threat, your response should be dictated by the level of the threat. The range of techniques taught will enable you to respond proportionately to the level of threat you encounter.

The cardiovascular training will also cater for those who wish to increase their level of fitness in addition to learning a tried and tested, street effective martial art in a warm and exceptionally friendly environment.

There are many reasons to become a member of the Hakudakan Jujitsu Dojo. We are a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to the proliferation of high-quality martial artists.

We intentionally run our club with small class sizes to maximise benefits for each and every student. Some clubs simply want to pack as many students in as possible to maximise profits. We are definitely NOT one of those clubs.

If you are completely new to martial arts or you have some previous experience, please attend one of the sessions to see what we are about. Newcomers will receive their first lesson for free. Please look at our FAQ’s page before attending as this contains useful information for beginners.