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GSBA European Stick Fighting Championships, Italy 2019

The Hakudakan stick fighting team had a tremendous result at the GSBA European Championships in Italy (Anagni). They made up part of the British Team that went to compete against 9 counties with over 100 athletes taking part. Team Hakudakan brought home a combined haul of medals which included:

4 Golds
4 Silvers
2 Bronze
10 medals from 4 fighters!

The breakdown was:

Barry Harte, (European Champion) Gold & 3 Silvers
Tarkan Paphiti, (European Champion) Gold, Silver & Bronze
Tolga Paphiti (European Champion) Double Gold & Bronze
Arjun Sodhi, put in an amazing performance against top level fighters and took it to them big time for his 1st International.

This added to the bigger picture of the Team GB medal count:
From 16 fighters
46 medals in total!

I will be starting a twice monthly stick fighting class in Mill Hill East from September, so if anyone wants to try out stick-fighting message me (Barry Harte). Website: hakudakan.co.uk