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New JKD Kali – Stick Fighting Sunday Sessions – Mill Hill East

Since Covid-19 lockdown all Martial Arts clubs and many sports have struggled with reopening and getting things back on track. Problems with venues, legislation, new health and safety guidelines have all played a role. Barry Harte chief instructor at the Hakudakan has diligently worked behind the scenes to get the club back up and running – however this time we have come back even stronger. Lots of changes have been implemented along with the development of a new core JKD-Kali syllabus which now provides even more structure and a clear progression in acquiring new techniques for students new and old alike. Along with this Barry has setup 2 new weekly classes in Mill Hill East every Sunday. These classes are run back-to-back. The first session for training the JKD-Kali syllabus and the second for Full contact stick fighting. To find out more have a look at our training times and locations here.