Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) such as what Martial Arts training Equipment do I need and how much does the training cost? If you have any additional questions

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What are the COVID-19 health and safetly rules?

Due to ongoing COVID-19 heath and safety concerns we are following the guidlines set out by the UK govenment.

1. If you feel ill or displaying any flu like symptoms please DO NOT attend training.
2. It is advised that all members carry out a latteral flow test within 24 hours prior to attending training.
3. Before entering the training area – please use the facilities to wash and sanitise your hands. Hand gell will be made available at the training venue.
4. Please wash and sanitise your hands periodically through the session.
5. If you are particularlly vunerable (immunocompromised or any other related health concern) please have a chat with Barry Harte before attending training.
6. The Hakudakan has undertaken a full COVID-19 risk assessment before reopening the club following lockdown restrictions.
7. Please be sensible, look after yourself and your fellow members.

Travel advice for the London Edgeware Dojo?


Edgware Underground station is a short walk from the Hakudakan Ju Jitsu Club.
Northern Line, Edgware branch


Egdware bus station is a short walk from Hakudakan Ju Jitsu Club.
Busses 288, 340, 79, 186, 606 www.tfl.gov.uk


Turn left out of the station and walk to the traffic lights turn left onto the high street and walk down passed Lidl and the Change of Heart pub. Garratt Road is on the left. (10 min walk)

There is a short cut through the shopping centre car park (Church Way) that brings you into Heming Road then turn right into Garratt (6 min walk) Please note this is through an alleyway

(please read the road signs and do not rely on the information below)

There is plenty of free parking in the area. There are parking bays along Garratt Road, Heming Road & Elmer Gardens

The 2 bays directly outside the community centre: Business permit holders only (Zone U) Mon-Sat 8am-6.30pm (so you can park after 6.30)

Other bays in Garratt Rd and surrounding roads are Resident permit holders only (Zone J) Mon-Fri 10am – 11am. So it’s fine to park in the evening. Please make sure you check the parking signs.

Check http://www.barnettraffweb.co.uk/

For a map to the venue and its full address click here.

What martial arts training equipment or training gear will I need?

Men MUST have their own groin guard (box) and always wear it at every session. Females may also wear a groin guard and also MUST either wear a chest protector or a supportive sports bra.

Every student should eventually have their own set of bag gloves and hook and jab pads. We do have lots of spare communal gloves and pads available but for hygiene it is always advised that you eventually get your own set that the chief instructor can supply.

What should I wear when I come to training?

For newcomers, simple, light and comfortable training clothes are advised. These can be a t-shirt and jogging bottoms or shorts. Most of the time we train barefoot, so there is no need for any special footwear or socks.

A training suit (GI) can be ordered through your Chief Instructor. GI & Belt with club logo must be worn when attending training sessions at the dojo. All GI’s must be maintained to a good standard and for hygiene purposes kept clean and laundered.

Only official Hakudakan club GI and belts can be worn in the dojo unless you are granted special permission. You can wear a t-shirt under your GI top (this is a must for females) however this t-shirt should be a dark colour (preferably black) and have no visible motifs.

For safety, you must not wear any kind of jewellery when training. If you have body piercings or other jewellery that cannot be easily removed, then you must tape them securely to your skin (or cover with a plaster) to avoid possible injury. Finger and toe nails must always be kept short.

How long does it take for me to grade to the next belt?

Essentially there is no set timeframe or period between grading’s and belt advancement.

Belts are not awarded on attendance alone, all students are invited to grade based on fundamental skill level, and overall attitude. Belts have to be earned, and a student will only be invited to grade when their chief instructor believes that they are ready to do so.

At the Hakudakan, we believe that belt levels are a direct by-product of the training, commitment and the focus should be on the journey of acquiring new skills. So if you apply yourself and train regularly, you will accelerate the time between gradings.

Are there any rules around general Etiquette?

Hakudakan Black belts will be referred to as ‘Sensei’ during training sessions. All students are expected to assist in the preparation of the dojo. Talking while a Sensei or Sempai is teaching is unacceptable. Students should stop immediately when “yame” is called, for safety and respect.

As a student you must bow on the following occasions; when entering or leaving the dojo, when going on or off the matted area, when acknowledged by or addressing a senior belt or sensei (black belt and above) and when commencing or finishing training with a partner or in a group.

You may not enter or leave the mat area or dojo without the permission of the sensei. Always wipe your feet before entering the dojo or going onto the mats. If your Gi needs adjusting, bow to your partner and drop to one knee before making the adjustment.

What happens if I arrive late to a session?

You should arrive at the dojo, be changed and ready to help with any dojo preparations 15 minutes before the lesson. If you have sound reasons for your lateness, speak to your instructor as allowance is readily made for family commitments, etc. provided this concession is not abused. If you are late, bow into the dojo and wait to be invited into the training area.

Can my friend, partner or family member come and watch the classes?

Yes, indeed spectators are welcome, and there is also seating available for them. However please note all spectators are expected to be respectful of the dojo and people who are training. They must refrain from causing distraction, including talking to students while they are on the matted area or making any general noise.

All mobile phones should either be switched off or put on to silence mode, and calls should only be taken outside of the dojo / training room. Spectators are also responsible for clearing away any mess that they might leave.

I have an Illness, Injury or disability. Can I still train?

Please always consult your GP or a professional physician / doctor who understands the issue. If they confirm that you are able to train, then it should be fine to do so long as you speak to one of our instructors for advice before hand.

In the case of injury or illness, for safety purposes please inform your training partners of any potential issues. If you are in any doubt, it is best to wait until full recovery before coming back to training. Please note that you are ultimately responsible for your own safety, and you need to be sensible.

I have been awarded a belt at another club, can I wear this belt when training at the Hakudakan?

Only belts that have been awarded by the Hakudakan can be worn unless special permission is granted. Special permission would only be granted in the case of open seminars or at joint training days with other clubs. Or if you are an instructor level martial artist and you have been invited to the club to teach on a seminar or workshop.

Students can only wear belts and GI’s that have been provided by the club.