Hakudakan - Martial Arts

Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

What are the COVID-19 health and safetly rules?

Due to ongoing COVID-19 heath and safety concerns we are following the guidlines set out by the UK govenment.

1. If you feel ill or displaying any flu like symptoms please DO NOT attend training.
2. It is advised that all members carry out a latteral flow test within 24 hours prior to attending training.
3. Before entering the training area – please use the facilities to wash and sanitise your hands. Hand gell will be made available at the training venue.
4. Please wash and sanitise your hands periodically through the session.
5. If you are particularlly vunerable (immunocompromised or any other related health concern) please have a chat with Barry Harte before attending training.
6. The Hakudakan has undertaken a full COVID-19 risk assessment before reopening the club following lockdown restrictions.
7. Please be sensible, look after yourself and your fellow members.