Hakudakan - Martial Arts

Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

Are there any rules around general Etiquette?

Hakudakan Black belts will be referred to as ‘Sensei’ during training sessions. All students are expected to assist in the preparation of the dojo. Talking while a Sensei or Sempai is teaching is unacceptable. Students should stop immediately when “yame” is called, for safety and respect.

As a student you must bow on the following occasions; when entering or leaving the dojo, when going on or off the matted area, when acknowledged by or addressing a senior belt or sensei (black belt and above) and when commencing or finishing training with a partner or in a group.

You may not enter or leave the mat area or dojo without the permission of the sensei. Always wipe your feet before entering the dojo or going onto the mats. If your Gi needs adjusting, bow to your partner and drop to one knee before making the adjustment.