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Category: Grading Syllabus

Downloadable Syllabus

All members should have a their own copy of the “Hakudakan Ju Jitsu Dojo Grading Syllabus” as a reference and training aid. Click to download.

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6th KYU – Red belt

Dojo etiquette and conduct. A demonstration and explanation of the opening sequence. Striking combinations to be preformed on pads from a fighting stance Hands: J,

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5th KYU – Yellow belt

Dojo etiquette and conduct. A good understanding of all the rules of the dojo. A demonstration of basic striking combinations on pads, integrating hands, legs

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2nd KYU – Blue belt

Chokes & Strangles Naked strangle (& variations) – Hadaka jime Normal cross strangle  – Nami Juji jime Reverse cross strangle  – Gaku Juji jime Half

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1st KYU – Brown belt

Advanced striking combinations on pads showing good focus, body movement, footwork and smooth techniques. Floating hip throw – Uki goshi Outer winding throws – Soto

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