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Hakudakan Open day! – Team Fund Rasier (17th May 2014)

We are putting together a fund raising event for the Hakudakan Stick Fighting Team and need your support. There will be x5 1 hour slots during the day taught by Hakudakan black belts, and a couple of self defense sessions run in parallel as well as a short demonstration at lunchtime. We will have demonstrations from the Juniors and adults, […]

Hakudakan Stick Fighting Team Sponsorship – GSBA World Championships 2014

We would like to say a special thanks to Jeff Walker and Kathy Middleton, who have made a very generous personal donation to the Hakudakan Stick Fighting Team. Thanks from Barry, Tarkan, William & James, we will do our best to bring home some medals. 90 Meadrow, Godalming, Surrey GU7 3HY Tel: 01483 418 140, Fax: 01483 421 304, Web: […]

British Team selection for Full Contact Stick Fighting World Championships 2014

Following on from our performances in the last 2 British Championships, I am proud to announce that five members of the club have been selected to represent Great Britain in the GSBA World Championships in Italy (Rome), July 2014. Barry Harte Rick Bates Tarkan Phaphiti James Harte William Turner Intense training with the British Squad will start in a few […]

Hakudakan Stick Fighting Team Sponsorship – GSBA European Championships 2013

Several club members have been selected to represent Great Britain (and the Hakudakan) at the GSBA European Championships in Spain (Palma de Majorca) in July 2013. 5 Hakudakan members will be training with the British Squad during the run up to the event. We are proud to announce team Hakudakan’s official Sponsors for this event: Email: Web: Facebook Page: […]

General Grading Information & Dojo etiquette

At the Hakudakan we consider a belt to be a by product from consistent high quality training rather than a specific goal to aim for. A belt indicates that a student has met the requirements of the Hakudkan syllabus. We don’t tend to do gradings at regular intervals, the students are regularly assessed during training and when the Sensei feel […]

7th KYU – White belt red stripe

Dojo etiquette and conduct. Bow on entering the dojo, bow on leaving the dojo – Rei All Dan grades (Black belt) to be referred to as Sensei All Senior grades (brown white stripe) to be referred to as Sempai Breakfalls – Ukemi Forward Rolling, – Zempo kaiten ukemi Side, left and right – HidariMigi Yoko ukemi Back – Ushiro ukemi […]

6th KYU – Red belt

Dojo etiquette and conduct. A demonstration and explanation of the opening sequence. Striking combinations to be preformed on pads from a fighting stance Hands: J, 2J,JC,JCH, JCU, JCHH, JCUU Demonstration of footwork on its own and while striking J,C,H Forward, Back, Side to side, Circle A ridge hand wrist lock against a single hand throat grab and punch (to be […]

5th KYU – Yellow belt

Dojo etiquette and conduct. A good understanding of all the rules of the dojo. A demonstration of basic striking combinations on pads, integrating hands, legs and other strikes A demonstration of the student holding hook & jab pads and calling combinations for an experienced striker. Breaking a front double lapel grab and head butt. Hip/neck throws left & right handed […]

2nd KYU – Blue belt

Chokes & Strangles Naked strangle (& variations) – Hadaka jime Normal cross strangle  – Nami Juji jime Reverse cross strangle  – Gaku Juji jime Half cross strangle – Kata Juji jime Escapes from head chancery (4). The dropping version of a body drop (2). a) standard technique b) joint locking version Escapes from garrotting, front and rear (4). A scissors […]

1st KYU – Brown belt

Advanced striking combinations on pads showing good focus, body movement, footwork and smooth techniques. Floating hip throw – Uki goshi Outer winding throws – Soto maki komi Inner winding throw – Uchi maki komi Leg sweeps (5). – Harai goshi, uchi mata A leg wheel. – Ashi guruma An outer wheel throw – Osoto guruma A shoulder crash throw. A […]

SHODAN HO – Senior Brown belt white stripe

A percentage of the Shodan ho grading is based on teaching ability. With guidance and supervision from your Sensei you will be expected to: Teach varied warm ups to the class, with confidence Teach syllabus techniques to the class and individuals, appropriate to the level of the students Control and supervise effectively, with clear instruction and voice control Oversee the […]

Brown Belt

On Thursday 3rd of December Rick passed his Brown Belt grading. He showed great courage and fought on, even though his asthma was affecting him badly throughout the whole grading. The grading lasted 1hr 20 mins and he lost 4 lbs in weight during the test where he performed in excess of 200 throws. Rick was tested on all aspects […]