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Black Belt Gradings




Last Sunday at Mill Hill Sports Club senior Instructors from Mushin Budo Association met to sit on the panel for the Black Belt gradings. The panel consisted of, Hanshi John Griffiths 8th Dan, Sensei Nigel Townsend 6th Dan, Sensei John Plumbridge 5th Dan, Sensei Barry Harte 5th Dan, Sensei Carol Griffiths 5th Dan, Sensei Alan Murphy 5th Dan. Students from various clubs within the association were tested for 1st & 2nd Dan. The grading lasted 4 hours in total.
I am very pleased to say that Sensei Pat McCarthy and Sensei Pete Byrnes from the Hakudakan Ju Jitsu Dojo were successful and awarded their Nidan, 2nd Dan Black Belts. Congratulations to you both and the other students that were successful.