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New JKD Kali – Stick Fighting Sunday Sessions – Mill Hill East

Since Covid-19 lockdown all Martial Arts clubs and many sports have struggled with reopening and getting things back on track. Problems with venues, legislation, new health and safety guidelines have all played a role. Barry Harte chief instructor at the Hakudakan has diligently worked behind the scenes to get the club back up and running – however this time we

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3 Day Training Camp 24/06/2021 – East Grinstead

This was a great 3 day intensive camp with lots of laughs along with great training. Our first camp since the UKs Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Some of the guys were awarded their first belt in the Hakudakan JKD Kali syllabus by the end of the camp. Looking forward to many more such camps in the future.

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4 hour Kali Seminar – 02/06/12

Monthly 4 Hour Seminar @ the Mill Hill (02/06/12). Key focus on the Kali – JKD (Stick & Knife) and Panatukan systems. Taught by Sensei Barry Harte.

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Weekend Kali Seminar with Guru Bob Breen – 02/02/13

We had a glorious 2 day training weekend, day 1 (Saturday) was taught by Sensei Barry Harte who covered ground work and basic grappling principles and day 2 was taught by the inspirational Guru Bob Breen and supported by Guro David Onuma, which covered many JKD-Kali close quarter principles leading in from punches into pummeling and clinch range.

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