Hakudakan - Martial Arts

Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

2nd KYU – Blue belt

Chokes & Strangles

Naked strangle (& variations) – Hadaka jime
Normal cross strangle  – Nami Juji jime
Reverse cross strangle  – Gaku Juji jime
Half cross strangle – Kata Juji jime

Escapes from head chancery (4).

The dropping version of a body drop (2).
a) standard technique
b) joint locking version

Escapes from garrotting, front and rear (4).

A scissors and naked choke.

Spring hip throws (4). – Hane ogoshi.

A front scoop throw.  – Sukui nage

A rear scoop throw. – Sukui nage

Sleeper holds (2).

Defence against cosh attacks (3).

Valley drop throws (2). – Tani otoshi

A reverse hip throw. a) standing b) dropping

Counters to rear arm and collar hold, left and right (2).

Advanced full shoulder throws (2).

A head, hip and knee throw.

Defences against kicks to the body (4).
a) round house kick utilising an inside hock throw
b) side kick utilising an outside hock throw
c) front kick utilising a knee strike take down
d) round house kick utilising a leg jam to supporting leg

Collar throw with straight arm lock (mountain storm) – Yama arashi

Reverse valley drop throw.

Randori, from any grab or hold.

Groundwork, with a demonstration of strikes that can be applied

Reverse scarf hold – Ushiro kesa gatame

The candidate must hold a current Appointed Persons First Aid Certificate or equivalent.