SHODAN HO – Senior Brown belt white stripe

A percentage of the Shodan ho grading is based on teaching ability. With guidance and supervision from your Sensei you will be expected to:

Teach varied warm ups to the class, with confidence

Teach syllabus techniques to the class and individuals, appropriate to the level of the students Control and supervise effectively, with clear instruction and voice control

Oversee the general safety of the group and deal with injuries effectively

To act in a professional manner at all times

The candidate is expected to have an good technical knowledge of the syllabus (7th kyu-Shodan ho) and be able to demonstrate techniques both left and right handed smoothly with a high skill level.

The candidate is required to complete an anatomical question sheet and have a good understanding of anatomy & physiology in general as well as a basic under standing of pressure points.

The candidate is expected to learn some basic Acupressure or Shiatsu.

Defences utilising an improvised weapon of the candidate’s choice (5)

Standing randori (without strikes)

Ground work (with and without strikes)

Sparring (punch, kick only)

Sparing (using all ranges and techniques)

Grapple only, against a full contact striking opponent

a) puncher b) kicker c) puncher and kicker

Random knife & stick defence against attacks and threats

The candidate must hold a current Appointed Persons First Aid Certificate or equivalent and be proficient at dealing with Martial Arts related injuries.