7th KYU – White belt red stripe

Dojo etiquette and conduct.

Bow on entering the dojo, bow on leaving the dojo – Rei

All Dan grades (Black belt) to be referred to as Sensei

All Senior grades (brown white stripe) to be referred to as Sempai

Breakfalls – Ukemi
Forward Rolling, – Zempo kaiten ukemi
Side, left and right – HidariMigi Yoko ukemi
Back – Ushiro ukemi
Backward Rolling – Koho kaiten ukemi
Front – Mae ukemi
Fore-flap – Kaiten ukemi

Demonstrate a left & right fighting stance with a live rear foot

Basic hand and elbow strikes to be demonstrated on impact equipment. The student should have a good understanding of targets that can be struck with various strikes. All techniques to be practised from a left & right fighting stance

Punches: Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

Open handed strikes: Palm heel, Knife hand, Finger Jab, Claw, Ridgehand

Elbows: Downward, Horizontal, Upwards

Others: Backfist, Hammerfist, Radius

Basic kicking and knee strikes to be demonstrated on impact equipment.

All kicks to be preformed from a lead and rear kick, in a left & right fighting stance

Rising kick Push kick Front snap kick

Vertical knee strike Horizontal knee

Side snap kick to knee Side kick body Roundhouse

Evasion & blocking

S block Double S block Cross block

Outside forearm block Rising block (moving)

Low X block High X block (moving)

Parry’s Slip a Jab, Cross, JC Smother block

Leg Jam

Bob and weave hooks

A finger lock

Basic breakaway techniques

Wrist grabs one and two handed all combinations

Strangle front & rear

Groundwork with a demonstration of strikes that can be applied