4th KYU – Orange belt

Sparing, light and controlled using hand and leg techniques

Escapes from bear hugs.
a) over the arms from the side
b) under the arms from the side
c) under the arms from front
d) over the arms from front
e) over arms from rear
f) underarms from rear

Body drops ( Left and Right handed). – Tai -otoshi
a) from a rear strangle
b) defending against punches
c) from Gi

Joint Locks
a) reverse arm lock
b) wrist lock from shoulder grab
c) goose neck from lapel grab and punch
d) palm to palm
e) wrist lock from wrist grab

A dropping version of a full shoulder throw. – Seio otoshi

A crab claw scissors throw ( not to be performed on women).

An inside hock throw (Left and Right) – O uchi gari

Defence against kicks to the groin (4). define

Breaking hair grabs (2).
a) single grab and punch
b) double grab and knee attack

Bar chokes
Left with inside hock
Right with dropping loin sweep
Naked bar choke from passive stance

Random grabs- the student should be able to deal proficiently with all grabs

Ground Grappling for submission

Groundwork, with a demonstration of strikes that can be applied

Shoulder hold – Kata gatame

Pillow scarf hold Makura – kessa gatame