3rd KYU – Green belt

An outside hock throw with double arm hold down. – O soto gari

A standing outside hock (outer reap) – O soto gari

A stamp throw. a) inside b) outside – Fumikomi goshi

Variations on shoulder throws (5).
a) full Seionage b) half ippon seionage
c) dislocation
d) collar Morote seio nage
e) head

A rice bale throw (2). – Tawara gaeshi

A wrist throw and lock. – Kote gaeshi

A combination throw from a bodydrop

A loin sweep. – Harai goshi

Escapes from full nelson (2).

Single handed Fig 4 throw. a) dropping b) with hip c) rotating

Scooping shoulder locks.
a) from cross block
b) from lapel grab
c) into wrist lock and face bar take down

Crossed arm bar from two punches.

Transitional hip throw with a single winged choke – Ogoshi & kata ha jime

Shoulder arm lock and throw.

A demonstration of the students randori skills, with advanced ground finishes.

Lock to Lock Flow Drill (without strikes)

Groundwork, with a demonstration of strikes that can be applied

Upper four quarters – Kami shiho gatame

Broken upper four quarters – Kuzure kami shiho gatame

Random single attack defences against a single committed attack

The candidate must hold a current Appointed Persons First Aid Certificate or equivalent.