Hakudakan - Martial Arts

Ju Jitsu • JKD Kali • Dirty Boxing • Stickfighting • Self Defence • Grappling

1st KYU – Brown belt

Advanced striking combinations on pads showing good focus, body movement, footwork and smooth techniques.

Floating hip throw – Uki goshi

Outer winding throws – Soto maki komi

Inner winding throw – Uchi maki komi

Leg sweeps (5). – Harai goshi, uchi mata

A leg wheel. – Ashi guruma

An outer wheel throw – Osoto guruma

A shoulder crash throw.

A knee wheel (2) – Hiza guruma

Methods of throwing an opponent from behind (random).

Stomach throws (2). – Tomoe nage

The dropping version of a reverse body drop with a figure 4 lock

Escapes when held by both wrists from behind (random).

An arm and shoulder throw.

One handed throws, (10, 5 listed & 5 of the candidates choice)

Hip throw, body drop, outside hock, inside hock, shoulder throw

A hip wheel with a Fig 4 arm lock – Koshi garuma

A counter to a Fig 4 arm lock using a hip wheel

Knife defences (5)

Thrust to stomach

Side slash

Reverse side slash

Thrust to face.

Reverse grip overhead stab

Forward grip over head stab

Defence against stick using disarms and reuse of stick

Random single attack defences against a single committed attack

Sparring (punch, kick only)

The candidate must hold a current Appointed Persons First Aid Certificate or equivalent.