I have always been interested in Martial Arts, seen all the films had the Bruce Lee posters as a kid etc, but never pursued it until I met Sensei Barry Harte in 2001. He was running a self-defence class where we both worked and I decided to go along. It was for one hour a week for six weeks. I loved every minute and felt I just wanted to learn more and more, so I went along to Sensei Barry’s adult class and was blown away. After the first class I said I have to learn this,

I was never a very natural Martial Artist and have had to work very hard, but the students and the Sensei’s are all very supportive. I achieved my red belt in 2003 which was my first belt, it was very tough and a real shock to the system but receiving the belt knowing you have been pushed to your limits and beyond meant so much. I remember someone saying to me after the grading it just gets harder and harder and years on I can honestly say they were 100% right.

I have been helping Sensei Barry Harte with his kid’s jujitsu class since 2004 the kids class has given me so much experience and I feel has made me a better instructor. I have really enjoyed watching them grow into good quality young martial artists some of them even moving into the adult’s class.

Sensei Barry Harte also started teaching the ABAE Boxing Award program which I help on, this has not only improved the kids but has improved my hand and footwork immensely. On the 5th June 2011 I passed my 1st Dan Black Belt in Jujitsu which was an amazing feeling of achievement. It lasted three hours and was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but worth every minute of pain. I know my 1st Dan is just the beginning of a long path which I am looking forward to walking.

In January 2012 I opened Hakudakan Hammersmith Dojo, under Sensei Barry Harte who has supported me throughout and takes an active involvement in grading students and coming to teach. I feel teaching under the Hakudakan and under Sensei Barry Harte helps us to become one club, my students are Barry’s students.

I passed my 3nd Dan in 2017, and I continue on the long path of constant learning and deeper understandings of techniques.

Over the years Sensei Barry Harte and I have become very good friends and there is nowhere else I would rather train than at the Hakudakan.